On Tuesday May 12, 2020 a local farmer was burning off some of what was left from last year’s crop in preparation for this year’s seeding. He had applied for a permit for this, and had been granted permission. The flames jumped into grass a good distance away, and for a short time burned some of the trees and grass that divide the fields. Fire Chief Dave Hruby said that the landowner, along with the help he had onsite had the fire managed by the time they arrived. “However,” he said. “If you are in a situation where you think you might need help, do not hesitate to call us. That is what we are here for. We’d rather show up and not be needed then have a real emergency on our hands.” Hruby also stated that, although it seems wet, it is a lot drier than it appears. The fire burned across the top layer of vegetation very quickly, leaving green and untouched straw under the char./ANDREA ARNOLD