As the fire ban was lifted at the end of October, many residents took advantage of the mild temperatures and wet week to burn piles of debris. Smoke could be seen rising from several spots across the valley. Although the overall ban was lifted, there are still regulations in place. Both category 2 and 3 open fire burning fall under the Wildfire Act. The regulations specify the legal obligations when using fire in or within a kilometre of forest land or grassland. Category 2 open fires do not require a burn registration number. The fires covered in this category are one pile smaller than 2mx3m, two piles burned at the same time smaller than 2mx3m, grass or stubble burning over an area smaller than 0.2 hectares and is not a campfire. Category 3 open fires require a burn registration number be obtained prior to burning. If there are three or more piles burning at the same time not exceeding 2mx3m, one or more piles that exceed 2mx3m, one more more windrows, or stubble or grass over an area bigger than .2 hectares, then the burn is classified as category 3. More information on the details of each category can be found at If you are unsure of which category your burn falls under, questions can be directed to 1-888-797-1717. Although the control and regulations of these burns are not controlled by BC Wildfire crews or locally based fire departments, they will respond to fires within their jurisdictions if they get out of control. /ANDREA ARNOLD