Glowing embers flew silently up from a large burn pile on the community forests SE16 burn pile between Loseth Road and Swift Mountain on Thursday Jan 18th. RFP Alannah Duncan, who oversaw the burn, said the 14.7ha block was mostly out by the following morning but they monitor all burn piles until spring to check for hot spots. “If we find hot spots, we will dig them up (with machines) to ensure they’re out.” She said the Community Forest follows strict guidelines set out in Forest Practice Regulations, such as ensuring the piles are not close to any standing timber, waiting until venting conditions are good, and getting government approval. In this case, they also waited until there was snow on the ground and they alerted the local Fire Base that they would be burning, because the site was so visible to the public. She said they have other piles to burn this winter down the West Canoe FSR. /LAURA KEIL