If you see an angry baby riding a dancing pink flamingo on 7th Avenue in Valemount, do not be afraid. It’s Hunter. He’s eight years old and he wants to make you laugh and smile.
“He’s a kind kid. He’s always been like that,” said Glenn Loignon, Hunter’s father. Hunter said that if he wasn’t out doing his distinctive goalie-informed flamingo dance, he might just be playing video games with his brother. He prefers this. Hunter was feeling a bit bored one day and noticed a baby mask he had made for Halloween, he saw his brother’s flamingo costume… and the rest is history. “I went outside and started doing this,” he said smiling broadly. For the most part people smile and wave back, but not everybody has been kind. He spoke about it with his parents and decided it was okay if not everybody loved the idea.  He’s added a sign that says, ‘Have an awesome day.’ /ANDRU MCCRACKEN
McBride eatery, Sue and Me owner Lance delivers supper to local Brian Thair on Friday evening. Thair was very appreciative of the delivery service. The food was set by the door and the delivery completed without touching. Seniors are exempt from the delivery charge and those in the seniors complex also receive a 10% discount. “Delivery and pizza are two things we have wanted to do,” said Lance. “We just didn’t expect to have to do it so quickly.” Many of the local restaurants have made changes to abide to new regulations while continuing to provide take-out or delivery options. /ANDREA ARNOLD
Kelsey Brick and Jared Fossen weren’t shy about partying in their driveway in style last week. The pair had a virtual party by video-conferencing with their friends from the CMH Caribou lodge (phone balanced on the chopped wood). The costumes came with no explanation. /LAURA KEIL
A dozen local ladies who normally play indoor soccer decided to pick a social distancing sport instead. Their visioning led to a colourful, speedy take on laser tag – capes against tutus, while riding bikes. The crew met in a local parking lot and were careful to remain 6ft apart. It didn’t interfere with the game. The guns have a range of up to 500m. /LAURA KEIL
Regular Gathering Tree patrons kept a safe distance after getting their coffees last week. Eating areas of restaurants have been closed to diners, but sidewalks and outdoor spaces are still fair game. These men were ready to defend their seating arrangement – not with a weapon, but with the measuring tapes they carry around anyway for their jobs. L to R: Eric Keatley, Randy Pruden, Gordon Carson and Joseph Nusse. /LAURA KEIL

Valemount’s Alice Olson turned 97 on April 8th, 2020. Since no party could be organized due to social distancing, the community came together to drive by her house in a parade – organized in only a matter of hours. One of the organizers Marian Plummer said she had spoken to Alice earlier that day and she had mentioned she hadn’t left the house in a month. Plummer sent out some messages and posted the idea of a birthday parade on facebook. At 6:30pm, more than a dozen cars and RCMP cruisers showed up on Main Street to start the drive-by birthday salute. Some bikers joined in spontaneously. “It was likely the best gift our Village could extend to this WWII veteran,” Plummer told the Goat. “Everyone who could came together to make thissuch a beautiful memory, not only for Alice, but herentire family.” /ANDRU MCCRACKEN