By Laura Keil

Lineup of some of the products created and offered by Emerald Earth Organic Spa // SUBMITTED

Sherrie Houghton is launching a made-in-Valemount line of natural skincare and spa products which she hopes to market across Canada.

Sherrie Houghton, Naturopath, massage therapist and spa practitioner – owner of Emerald Earth Organic Spa. //SUBMITTED

The Australian-born Naturopath, massage therapist and spa practitioner came to Valemount several years ago and has been living here on-and-off. Since becoming engaged to a local man, she decided to work more locally.

“I want to be here and be part of the community, so I put all my skills and knowledge together to create a natural skin care brand.”

She says her products are specifically designed for spa treatments and also for your regular skincare routine, so every day can feel like a spa day. She ran an eco-spa on Haida Gwaii and had trouble sourcing products for all treatments from a single supplier. Her line of products fills this niche.

In addition to the products being small-batch, the ingredients are largely organic and all are “natural” and cruelty-free. She says she uses only certified distributors that provide a certificate of the ingredient’s origin. She is also aiming for a unique distinction: having her products, including packaging, 100% eco-friendly. That means deodorants in paperboard tubes, and creams/lotions in glass bottles or aluminum containers.

Sherrie Houghton has designed her skincare products with ingredients that are carefully sourced and cruelty-free. /SUBMITTED

Her line of products includes facial care, body care, skin balms, lip balms, natural deodorants and bath treats.

You can browse and purchase products via her website:

She can be contacted by email at [email protected]