By Andru McCracken

Three and a half weeks after it became inaccessible a local man is still locked out of his TELUS webmail account and he is furious with the run around he’s received.

Peter Fox said he’s spoken to TELUS representatives in the Philippines, Guatemala, Quebec and Calgary, but he isn’t getting straight answers about whether he will regain access to his email. He is also worried that his email account could be compromised.

According to the TELUS website, as of September 5th, 2019 their team members were still diligently working around the clock to restore “the small percentage of customers” affected by the outage.

“This stage of the restoration process has been taking longer than expected due to the complexity of data being restored. We apologize for the inconvenience and assure you we are taking the utmost care in handling your data.”

The company said they are contacting each impacted customer to make things right.

Peter Fox said the outage is a disaster. He’s lost access to online services, important records, email addresses of friends and family and access to email.

Fox said the service was up for two days last weekend, but quickly went offline again.

“If they can’t tell me it was deleted somehow, is it sitting in cyberspace for somebody else to play with or break into? I just want some answers as to what is happening,” he said.

When we contacted TELUS Media Relations for a comment about the situation they immediately asked for contact info for the affected person.