By Andru McCracken

After an article appeared in last week’s newspaper, Corporal Kyle Ushock wanted to make it clear that McBride RCMP are not in a position to support the Mountain Valley Music Festival, at least not yet.

Ushock said he wants to have a meeting with all the stakeholders especially the McBride hospital, paramedics and fire officials.

Ushock said he’s concerned about access if there is a forest fire, the protocol for medical evacuations, sanitation plans and security at the new Crescent Spur festival developed by Levi Taylor.

“If there is a fire, there is one way in and one way out,” he said, “We can’t send 600 people up the Morkill. If he (Taylor) came up with a plan I can review on paper we would probably support it.”

Taylor says he has a draft plan in place and is working hard to complete it. He hopes to ease Ushock’s concerns.

Taylor said he takes the safety of the public very seriously; he has, for example, a helicopter landing pad on site, and is making contact with STARS Air Ambulance and said he is in contact with the hospital in Prince George and McBride.

As for fires, Taylor is less concerned.

“If you look at it there is a reason why we have an ancient forest here; Crescent Spur is the wettest place in Canada in July,” he said.

Despite that, Taylor said he has fire fighting equipment, a trailer, water tank and pumps accessible on site.

Ushock said he’s open but is waiting for more details and plans.

“We’re more than happy to support something with a firm foundation, but it has not occurred yet,” he said.