Two friends played by Seth MacDonald and Benjamin Coyle were married blind drunk at a costume party, and their marriage gets a rocky start while they wait for the train to get to the city where they will file for divorce.
Even legends have problems. Above, wild Pacos Bill has a serious conversation with his catfish-riding wife (whom, we gather, he was obliged to shoot after she rode his steed and who buck blasted her into outerspace). A sold out crowd responded in kind to some outlandish and risque comedy at the Valemount Legion on Friday Night. Midway through, not everybody got the transition from brilliant and hysterical to brilliantly sorrowful, however. The series of love-themed skits were the type of awesome we’re used to seeing from director Sharon Stearns and the Robson Valley Theatre Collective.
Sarah McCrea plays a bartender with attitude and substandard accounting practices. Tired of the same old lines, this barkeep has got problems too, and given the right (plump) set of circumstances, he’s willing to try something new. Even at the expense of heartbroken fool played by Ben Coyle. If you have not taken in the play, get to it March 8, 9, 10th at the McBride Grizzly Pub. For people who like fun, it’s genius. / ANDRU MCCRACKEN