Dear Editor,

Well here we go again! It’s been not a quiet week since we got hit with a blast of winter. The last few years LDM is never ready for winter. It was 36 hours after the December 29th storm that we saw a snow plow. Why?

A few years ago, from the Alberta border to Prince Rupert, like 3 or 4, all highway maintenance contractors were given another 1 million dollars per year to bring Hwy 16 up from a Class B to a Class A Hwy. What happened? I see no difference in the maintenance, especially snow plowing.

Man alive, I was surely in the wrong business all my life. I’ve heard dozens of excuses. Mostly, “trucks are broke down,” “parts must come from Bombay to Quesnel then to Vanderhoof then to Valemount, etc, by sail.”

Why? There are parts suppliers here in the Robson Valley.

I just spoke to a friend yesterday, I said I am going to adopt the same thinking as LDM Management: “If you wait long enough the snow will melt all by itself.”

Please don’t answer this letter and say “trucks are broke down.” That’s a poor excuse.

That extra million dollars could buy a few more trucks and another grader or three times that many if you went to Ritchie Bros. Plus, a few more tons of sand and salt.

Since writing this letter, we’ve had a second storm and only 36 hours before plowing. Not bad for the profit line, only had to plow snow, maybe 3 or 4 times this winter.

Hmm, I wonder where that 1 million dollars is being spent?

Claude Hill

Dunster, BC