Dear Editor,

My wife, Lily and I moved to Valemount on July 1st, 2018. I have had a difficult time adjusting to this isolated, small town since moving from Langley, BC. That is, until two special people made me feel more at home here. These two generous and special people are Allen Reale and Zana Tinsley, who deserve kind words of gratitude.

Four weeks ago, I was sitting in my car across the street from the CIBC bank waiting for my wife to return from shopping. Allen Reale, from the bank, walked across the street to return my wife’s bank card which she had left behind in the ATM machine. Allen deserves a bouquet of Pepsi for his diligence and thoughtfulness.

Then, three weeks ago, while shopping at IGA, my bank card was not accepted for payment for two items. Standing next in line was Zana Tinsley, who offered to pay for my purchase, saying “It’s a gift. Merry Christmas!” Zana deserves a bouquet of thanks for her generosity.

Valemount has special people who have made me feel more at home here because of their generosity.


Michael Weiler

Valemount, BC