Just read your piece on the ski excursion up Canoe. Interesting stuff … . So I would like to add a little history from my perspective as an Electrical Contractor. The first project that was going to make everyone rich and happy was the Silica Sands mine. Back in the 1970’s, not sure of the year, I installed electrical service. They even built a railroad spur line into the mine. Its crossed the now highway #5 before 17th. The second big project that was going to make all rich and famous, was the Japanese resort, which you wrote an article about. I installed the construction electrical service, which is still there with trees growing up around it. The third one was the Hot Springs resort, which was going to pump hot water up onto the bench, with a golf course and hotel etc etc … The fourth was the Canoe Mountain development, and you know that story. We installed a big electrical construction service. Set up for a construction camp. All the electrical equipment got stolen …. analysing the above, the common denominator is the electrical. A few years ago, I provided a quote for the infrastructure electrical for Valemount Glacier Destinations. Hot stock tip: we have retired!

Gene Blackman,

Valemount, BC