by Andru McCracken

The face of conviction. Megan Teering is headed to Vancouver to compete with the big dogs in the world of acting and modelling. The Dunster-born girl said that despite some of her family’s misgivings she’s pursuing her dream. /PHOTOGRAPHER JAN BARTOLOME, MODEL: MEGAN TEERING, DESIGNER SNEHA PARVEZ OF LA MERR; MAKE UP: CHRISTINA ESTILLORE

Lots of people have looks and some of them have talent, but there are not many who also have the humility and work ethic of Megan Teering. Teering grew up in Dunster and has travelled east to Edmonton, south to Calgary and will soon travel west to Vancouver to pursue a career in modelling and acting. Her hard work – grit, as they say – is paying off.

She recently played a lead role in an hour-long true crime series for the American REELZ network. It was filmed in Calgary by Pyramid Productions.

Teering auditioned for the part and got it, but when she read the script she initially said it was a no-go.

Teering says she won’t appear nude on screen and sex scenes are out of the question. So she turned it down. The producers asked Teering what it would take to have her play the role, so she rewrote the scenes she was uncomfortable with and sent it back. The rest is history.

“It’s a crime series documentary based on true events. In my episode there is a girl killer,” she said. “It’s called Sex, Lies and Murder.”

Teering has been asked to work on another Calgary based docu-drama series for Netflix, but she’s weighing her options carefully.

“The film industry in Calgary is good; it’s booming compared to Edmonton. But the amount of production in Vancouver is 100 times what we have here,” she said.

Teering is starting acting classes next week.

“It’s called Company of Rogues. It’s a prestigious acting school, founded in Vancouver,” she said.

Teering’s humility isn’t all that common when many aspiring actors don’t feel they need to learn to act.

“If my friends told me I could be a doctor, I wouldn’t just show up and ask for an office and a white coat.”

Teering knows achieving her goal isn’t easy.

“It is filled with rejection,” she said. “It’s definitely not a guarantee. You have to chance it. I’d rather chance it now and fail than never try.”

“I’m going to compete with the big dogs in Vancouver, so my goal is to hone my craft,” she said.