by Goat Staff


Valemountain Days held its first ever baking contest this year. They had 3 different age categories in five categories Pies, Cookies, Cakes, Squares, and Muffin/Cupcakes.

The baked goods were labelled with a separate number so judges did not know who baked what and five secret judges from the community assessed the baking.

They judged presentation (5 points), appearance (15 points), texture (5 points) and flavour & aroma (15 points). The judges were surprised that 9 out of the 11 contestants were children!

Although there were entries in each baking category, some age categories only had 1 entry.

Prizes were award in the following categories:


5-10 years

1st Brandon Kromhout,

2nd Elena Kromhout

3rd Ivy Bernicky

11-15 years

1st Camryn Dennis

16 and up

1st Sharonrose Shalla


16 and up

1st Sue Prue


11-15 years

1st Zykora Hocken


11-15 years

1st Paige Springer


5-10 years

1st Dylan Springer

Most overall points

1st Dylan Springer

First prize was a $5 gift certificate donated by Valemount Swiss Bakery and 2nd and 3rd prizes were donated by Three Ranges Brewing Co.

Parade Winners:

Overall: 1st place Valemount Library, 2nd place Northern Health

Business: 1st place Tete Jaune Lodge, 2nd place Mt Robson Whitewater Rafting

Vintage vehicle: 1st place Emelia Cinnamon, 2nd place Arnold Merrill

Club/Group: 1st place Minor Hockey, 2nd place Skating, special mention: V-Crew

Youth/Miscellaneous: 1st place King Road, 2nd place We love the bike park youth float

Industry/Service: 1st place Live Different, 2nd place Spay & Neuter Society

Horses: 1st place Shona Thorne, 2nd place Katie Eliot