Keep youth drivers off the road

McBride and Valemount RCMP have received numerous complaints of youth and children operating uninsured and unlicensed off-road vehicles which include; atv’s, dirt-bikes, snowmobiles and golf carts on public roads, highways and on forest service roads.

RCMP want to remind off-road vehicle owners that since November 1st, 2015, all off-road vehicles need to be registered (display a licence plate or licence sticker) and in some circumstances require 3rd party insurance to operate on public roads, highways and on forest service roads. The fine for no insurance is $598 and the vehicle will be towed.

Operators and riders must have a valid drivers licence to operate an off-road vehicle on public roads, highways and on forest service roads.The fine for no driver’s licence is $276, and 3 points on a driver’s licence. In addition parents can face a fine of $138 for allowing an unlicensed minor to drive, and owners of the off-road vehicles can face a $230 fine for allowing the minor to operate an off-road vehicle.

Owners of off-road vehicles can also be held liable for injuries and damages sustained by riders and property if they allow unlicensed operators to drive their machines.

For licensing and insurance related information contact your nearest insurance agent.

School graffiti threats

On June 6 2018 at 2:45 PM, Northern Rockies RCMP were made aware of a threat directed at the local secondary school in Fort Nelson. The threat was written on a wall in the school regarding a school shooting on June 20th.

The RCMP immediately responded to the matter and are working with the school district with the safety of all being the number one priority.

A letter has been distributed to all parents advising of the discovery of the written threat. Police will have a presence at the school to enhance safety and continue to investigate to determine the source of the threat.

The RCMP takes threats of any nature very seriously, especially during the time of heightened awareness and concerns around school safety. This is no joking matter. Uttering threats, verbally, in writing or implying a threat is a Criminal Code offence and will not be tolerated in any way.

The investigation is ongoing and if any one has any information in this matter is asked to contact the Northern Rockies RCMP at 250 774-2700 or Crime Stoppers at 1 800 222-8477