By now most people living in and around McBride will have had an opportunity to drive on the seal coated section of our class A highway that runs east and west of McBride. I personally see this as cheap out by Transportation & Highways rather than doing conventional paving for only 15 kms of highway.

Drivers better be ready to deal with rock chips, dust and cracked windshields because once this outfit packs up and leaves traffic will resort again to driving highway speeds. Residents and businesses along this section of highways should expect to put up with dusty conditions kicked up by the traffic.

Just take a drive on Hinkleman Road to see how well this seal coated road has held up after a year.  Now most of the side roads around McBride are getting the same treatment.  Will be interesting to see the condition of these roads in a year.  

As a 56 year rider of motorcycles I now avoid these side roads as the road surfaces are too rough and uneven to ride safely, and I can’t imagine having to ride to and from town on this gravel surface this summer.

I’m disappointed in our local and provincial government for not taking a stand on allowing this seal coating to take place on a Class A highway and especially when it’s going right through our community.

Ken Starchuck