by Sydney Philpott

McBride library moving parade. /SYDNEY PHILPOTT

Despite not yet having a license of occupation, librarian Naomi Balla Boudreau, boldly began moving the library to it’s new home on 521 Main Street last weekend. Spokesperson for the Regional District of Fraser Fort George, Renee McCloskey said she expected the license of occupation within the week and said moving the books in would not hinder the process.

The library move has been a long time coming. “Our hearts are full and our bookshelves are stacked  and we’ve got one very empty building over on Dominion,” said Balla Boudreau in a post on Facebook after the event. Apart from the kids helping on Friday more than 90 volunteers helped McBride move on Sunday. “Thank you, thank you, we are so happy to be a part of this community!”