by Sydney Philpott

Robson Valley Support Society put together a first-responders appreciation tour for kids who were out of school thanks to Friday’s professional development day for teachers. Kids from the elementary school (and lot’s of parents too) were taken behind the scenes at the fire hall, the police station, and the ambulance station.

Taz the police dog was definitely a favourite of the day. He shows his refined manners-crossing his paws-after giving an obedience demonstration. At the fire station the kids had the chance to get up close to the fire trucks, try on the gear, and get their picture taken with Sparky. As a take away, they learned a little about campfire safety too.

Kids got a chance to check out police vehicles. Next up, it was off to the hospital. Everyone got a pair of rubber gloves, something exciting and fun in itself, and if they wanted, could sit on the stretcher to see up close the teamwork that paramedics use to get patients safely to the ambulance.