Valemount R.C.M.P. wish to acknowledge a local citizen, Evan Scheller, for assisting police on September 9th, 2021. Police had responded to an overturned vehicle, engulfed in flames with someone still trapped inside. Mr. Scheller happened to be driving by the scene and did not hesitate to stop and offer his assistance. Fortunately for all, he was in possession of a large fire extinguisher that was the ultimate factor in gaining control of the vehicle fire, extinguishing it when ten other extinguishers had been unsuccessful. Without his assistance, the vehicle fire would have continued and the trapped occupant may have been seriously injured or possibly not survived at all.

The Valemount R.C.M.P. is very thankful for Mr. Scheller’s assistance and is proud to issue him a certificate of appreciation in recognition of his caring for police and public safety.

Sgt. Robert Dean
Valemount RCMP