RE:  Arena Input Sought, article, January 18, 2018

This interview with Dannielle Alan, regional director, concerning the future of the Canoe Valley (and Robson Valley) Rec Centre seems like it may be about its imminent closure.

The above mentioned article concerns the “downturns in our economy” and the lack of our “sense of community ownership.” Seeing how you and I pay for these facilities,” please consider that McBride’s facility is paid off and Valemount’s facility is in debt!  Also a significant amount of grant money has been injected into McBride’s facility for upgrades and modernization, whereas Valemounts’ facility is in a complete and utter state of disrepair.

If financial cutbacks are the issue, it would appear that the Canoe Valley Rec Centre will be up a creek without a paddle in the very near future.

If the Valemount facility closes, everybody who wants to lace up will have to commute to McBride! (170 km round-trip).

If our arena closes, will our two schools be next on the chopping block, because I DO NOT want my children being bussed to McBride every day, especially with all those transport trucks on the road.

As an afterthought – the line where “Alan said while use of the rec centre in Valemount has been increasing, there has been declining use in McBride” is a load of malarkey for the sole purpose of blinding us from the impending doom.

The reality is the additional small fees collected at the door, in conjunction with our taxes are wholly insufficient to ever pull this facility out of the red.

Inge Carpenter

Valemount, BC