Re: Lynn Perrin letter Nov 16th edition

Good work, Lynn Perrin, for following the actions of Kinder Morgan so closely, and I understand your frustration with the complaint process, the NEB, etc. But I think you missed the point of Andru’s editorial.

We hear you that Kinder Morgan shouldn’t have installed the spawning deterrents, but the fish did spawn both up and down stream of those deterrents installed in Swift Creek.

The removal of the snow fencing likely impacted those redds and young salmon about to emerge, whereas it wouldn’t have in the coming spring, when the fish were already heading downstream.

Yes, what happens in Valemount affects the entire Fraser Valley watershed. You and the person who removed the snow fencing were thinking about making Kinder Morgan do the right thing, and about the publicity.

We in Valemount were thinking about the Chinook that we’ve been trying to protect.

Korie Marshall

A photo of the snow fencing laid at the bottom of Swift Creek. The fencing is held to the bottom with rocks and rebar and acts as a deterrent to prevent salmon from spawning there. /LAURA KEIL