In an effort to better keep the community informed the Robson Valley Regional RCMP will be providing weekly press releases to the local papers. The list is not inclusive of all calls of service the local RCMP detachments receive, but provides a cross section of what is happening in the Robson Valley.

Oct. 31: In the morning, Valemount RCMP were called to a residence of a suspected break and enter in progress as a man unexpectedly entered the residence possessing a hatchet, knife, along with bow and arrow. Upon police arrival the man was arrested, and after speaking with the occupant and the unknown man, it was learned the man was running from a bear. The man encountered two bears while hiking nearby, when they turned and appeared to start pursuing him. Out of fear the man began to run to the closest residence. He was later released without charges.

Nov. 2: A man attended the Valemount RCMP Detachment to request assistance locating his girlfriend. A man and woman travelling through the area began arguing when the woman, who was driving, stopped and ordered the man out of the vehicle. The woman then drove off leaving the man behind. The man was concerned for the safety of his girlfriend because he had not heard from her and was hoping police to assist. Police were able to confirm the woman was safe, and both were in contact with each other.

Nov. 3: In the evening, Valemount RCMP received a report of a suspicious vehicle, possibly a dark coloured pickup truck, parking in the alley between 9th and 8th Avenue homes near the 1100 block. Police conducted patrols to the area but did not locate a vehicle. If you see suspicious activity in this area please call the Valemount RCMP 250-566-4466.

Nov. 4: Valemount RCMP attended a tractor trailer collision on Highway 5 near Bone Creek. The tractor trailer was discovered in a ditch, and was hauling a load of MDF boards, which were scattered about. The driver of the tractor tried to avoid another truck that crossed the center line into his lane. The area was experiencing dense fog at the time of the collision, which may have contributed to the incident. There were no injuries to the driver, and no charges pursued as a result of the collision.

Nov. 5: Valemount RCMP received a complaint of an abandoned vehicle in a wooded area off Cranberry Lake Road. Police attended and located an SUV parked off of the roadway with extensive damage to the front end, making the vehicle unsafe to be on the road. The same vehicle was observed abandoned on Cedarside Road days earlier. Efforts made to locate the owner were negative. Considering the vehicles condition it was towed from the area and a Notice and Order issued for it to be inspected and repaired to comply with the Provincial Motor Vehicle Act and Regulations.

Nov. 7: Valemount RCMP received an early morning call that a person was laying on the Big Foot Trail walkway, and it appeared they could not get up. Police immediately attended and located an elderly male who had fallen down and was unable to stand under his own power. Police assisted the male to keep him warm. An ambulance attended and transported the male to the Valemount Health Centre for further treatment.

Nov. 7: Valemount RCMP attended the Super 8 Motel for a report of an ongoing fight between two males. Both males had been drinking the night prior and staying in the same room, when an argument at breakfast escalated. Both were separated and did not want to cooperate to pursue charges. Further investigation revealed the matter appeared to be consensual. No arrests were made and no charges are being pursued.

Nov. 8: A member of the McBride RCMP was patrolling a Forest Service Road when he encountered a male hunter in the area. Through further conversation with the male it was learned he did not possess a valid firearms licence because it recently expired. All firearms in the male’s possession were seized for safe keeping and assistance offered to help the male renew his licence. Once a valid firearms licence is produced the firearms will be returned to the owner and no charges were pursued in this matter.

Nov. 9: Valemount RCMP attended a report of a collision at the Valemount Petro-Canada. A car struck a gas pump in the parking lot causing extensive damage. There were no injuries and no major safety concerns, as the pump was disabled immediately after the collision.The investigation into this matter is ongoing.

Nov. 10: A member of the Valemount RCMP was patrolling in the area of the Valemount Petro-Canada and conducted a traffic stop with a Dodge pickup truck. An odour of marijuana was detected and two occupants arrested. A quantity of marihuana was seized following a search of the vehicle. The driver was subsequently served a Notice of Driving Prohibition. Both individuals were later released without further charges.

Nov. 10: McBride RCMP received a report of a single vehicle collision near Small Creek. A member of the McBride RCMP attended and located a Volkswagon Jetta in a ditch with all airbags deployed and damage mostly on the passenger side. The driver of the vehicle appeared uninjured and believed wind to me a contributing factor. An ambulance attended and assessed the driver and transported him to the McBride Hospital for further assessment.

Nov. 10: McBride RCMP were notified of a vehicle passing a school bus with lights flashing. The school bus driver was able to identify the offending driver who later apologized for their actions and did not see lights flashing. Further involvement by a member of the McBride RCMP concluded the matter with a warning. It is of the utmost importance to be aware of your surroundings and alert to other vehicles on the roadway, especially school buses where pedestrian traffic is increased. If a stopped school bus is displaying a flashing, alternating red lamp, a driver of a vehicle meeting or overtaking the stopped bus from either direction (front or back) must stop and wait until the buses red light is off.

Nov. 11: Valemount RCMP received information from Jasper RCMP that a Ford F150 was stolen from the Jasper Petro-Canada. The owner of the vehicle left it running when they ran into the store for a short time, and when they returned it was gone. Members of the Valemount RCMP patrolled Highway 16 eastbound and intercepted the stolen pickup, which then evaded police at a high rate of speed. An extensive search was conducted and the stolen pickup located abandoned on a frontage road near Mount Robson. Police setup a perimeter and conducted lengthy patrols until Police Dog Services (PDS) arrived to assist. The PDS member of the RCMP searched the area but was unable to locate a suspect. The following morning a report of a suspicious person near the same area was received and police conducted a patrol and located a 35-year-old man. He was arrested for possession of stolen property, and breaching multiple conditions. The man was remanded into custody to appear in court November 14th in Prince George.