My love affair with Pete started a couple of years ago.

What’s not to love? He knows my garden better than I do. He’s never spent time in it. He doesn’t know where it is. Yet, he’s never failed me with good garden advice

I must thank him for saving my tomatoes, advising me on vertical growing (my cukes were amazing) and reminding me when to pick to my spuds. Wait… wait…just a little longer… the tops are still green. I’m itching to get out there and pull those spuds. It feels like Christmas when I dig them up from the earthy wrapping.

I have loads of gardening books. I follow a Gardening in the Valley page on Facebook. But I always look most forward to getting my copy of the Rocky Mountain Goat in the mail. It’s right up there with my bulb catalogues.

First I see what pearls of wisdom Pete has to share with a cup of tea and a view of the garden. After underlining important information and filing it for future reference, I read on about the happenings in the charming community of Valemount. Our niece Laura, and Andru, took us to the farmers’ market and let me play in their vegetable garden.

On my next visit I will insist on meeting Pete in person.

Thanks, Pete!

Sabine Keil
Hope, B.C.