Dear Editor,

Most of us know by know that we no longer have a recycling depot in McBride.

From the looks of it, McBride won’t have a bottling recycling facility if Encorp. Pacific (Canada) has its way. It’s indicated there isn’t the volume of empty returns here in McBride to justify opening a new facility.

Check with the local grad class, as they were overwhelmed with empties to the point they could not accept any more during their recent bottle drive.

I think it’s fair to say most of us have been and are very conscientious in our recycling habits when it comes to recycling bottles, cans, plastics, paper products, etc.

It is also interesting to note that Encorp. Pacific (Canada) is a federally incorporated non-for-profit product stewardship corporation responsible for beverage container management in B.C.

If Encorp. Pacific (Canada) who controls all the recycling in the province has put a thumbs down for providing any future recycling in McBride, then what are the alternatives?

You have your local grocery stores and convenience stores, and it’s my understanding they have to take back a minimum of two-dozen plastic bottles or cans daily, and the government liquor store taking back the rest of the alcohol containers?

The question needs to be asked “How many people take the time to sort plastic bottles or pop cans for the Husky, Petro Can or AG Foods? “

I expect most of these facilities don’t have much room for storage of these empties.

Guess what?

There will always be those people who can’t be bothered to sort and take back empties to multiple places. They will opt to just bag them up and chuck everything in the transfer bins.

The interesting part here is Encorp. Pacific (Canada) does there pick up at its recycling facility in Valemount, and also does pickups at the liquor store in McBride. I understand the grocery store as well.

So Encorp. Pacific (Canada) does come through McBride on a regular basis.

The other interesting thing is we have business people within the community who have contacted Encorp. Pacific (Canada) about taking on the recycling in the community, and these folks were basically told to pound sand from Encorp., and that Encorp. wasn’t interested in having a recycling facility in McBride.

These business folks were even interested in processing recycled electronic equipment, but were also told by Encorp. that it wasn’t going to happen, as you can recycle electronic equipment in Valemount.

You and I know that you’re not going to drive 170 KMs, round-trip, to take $10 worth of empties, or a piece of electronics to Valemount.

It will cost you $20 in fuel and just the thought of driving in the winter you know it’s not going to happen.

So if you think it’s really important that McBride have a recycling facility, then you need to take give minutes out of your day and send a message or call your Village councillors, regional district director, your local MLA and MP, and let them know we need a recycling facility in McBride.

Put some pressure on Encorp. Pacific (Canada) to reconsider its options in providing recycling services in McBride.

Ken Starchuck
McBride, B.C.