This week Aug 25-28th is the first annual Metalocalypstick Festival featuring heavy metal bands with at least one female musician per band. The festival takes place at the Canoe Mountain Rodeo Grounds and Canoe Mountain Campground. Tickets are $100 for the weekend or $60 for a day pass. We spoke to Kaija Kinney, founder, producer, organizer and funder of the festival. Metalocalypstick Fest Foundation is a non profit organization that donates 2 per cent of proceeds.

Photo supplied The band, Monarch.

What are the best parts of this festival?

The best parts of this festival is the support of woman in the heavy music genre. It’s really all about creating a metal community and bringing bands together.

Why is it important that metal bands with female members be given a platform?

I feel that in the music industry it’s been very male dominated. Given that it is more of a heavy genre it’s even more so. We want to shine light on all the awesome female musicians and hoping to inspire more woman that may not have the encouragement.

How did you get the idea for this festival?

I was looking around for festivals to apply to for my own band and soon realized there’s really not much geared towards female musicians.

Photo supplied The band, Mortillery


How did you choose Valemount?

I lived in Valemount, I have family here. The view is gorgeous and I wanted to help out the economy.

Are you playing in a band?

I am! My band is called Anarcheon.

What would you say to people who don’t typically listen to heavy metal but who might come to the festival?

There is something there for everyone! There’s folk metal, symphonic metal, heavy metal, punk, hard rock, power metal and the list goes on! There are so many different types of music going in it’s hard to sum it all up to just metal music.