Dear Editor,

As I travelled on Hwy 5 approaching Valemount, I passed the large sign which displays the Valemount logo.

It is an attractive sign. The half sun, half snowflake logo is pleasing to the eye. The theme of “let the mountains move you” is inviting.

The same logo hangs over the entry to the Village of Valemount Office.

The same logo is mounted on the log entry arch on 5th Ave.

I feel that it is a proud and fitting statement for our Village.

What is this? The same logo is displayed on the Mica Mountain Developments display located in the front window of an office building on 5th Ave. The Village of Valemount logo is tucked neatly into the corner of the picture displaying “Four-plexes on Ash St.”

What does this mean?

Does this signify Village of Valemount approval of the project?

Does this signify Village of Valemount partnership in the project?

Does this signify Village of Valemount endorsement of the project?

Ah! Perhaps this is a new marketing strategy on the part of the present Village of Valemount Council to encourage investment.

Let’s see…

One block further down 5th Ave. the Valemount Glacier Destinations display has… no Village of Valemount logo displayed!

Is the Village of Valemount logo available upon request by all business people/developers to be used as a type of endorsement?

What process does a business/developer have to follow in order to get permission to include the Village of Valemount logo on their advertising/promotional material?

I am left confirmed in my original impression. The Village of Valemount logo is attractive and inviting.

However, I am also confused.

I would appreciate clarification from the Village of Valemount Council as to why the village logo is appearing on the
promotional/advertising material of a private business.

For the sake of clarity please send a response.

Tim Nusse,
Valemount, BC

One thought on “Letter: Village of Valemount logo for lease?”

  1. Good question Tim.
    Likewise, I have often wondered if the use of the name Valemount for other than the Corporation of the Village of Valemount should be assessed a fee/tax to use the goodwill associated with the name

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