The prospect of a beautiful library and museum building is an exciting prospect to showcase McBride! The Exploration and Learning Centre is an initial “bookend” to Main Street as residents and tourists dip under the Welcome to McBride sign. A cheerful wander through town leads eventually to the other “bookend,” the train station where the Info Centre, B2 Bistro and the Whistle Stop Gallery exhibit who we are and what our community offers.

Community Information Meetings on the assent vote were opportunities to learn and be informed about the needs, hopes and plans of those who have worked tirelessly for years to develop this solution to the too decrepit, too small, too isolated little buildings that serve us as library and museum now. McBride has turned the corner toward positive growth and economic vitality. New young people are moving here every month. Let’s take a step to secure this trend!

Here are a few examples from the meetings that reveal how important a yes vote is. I am rephrasing not quoting. Please forgive errors.

“Show me a town with a dingy, decrepit library with limited ability and I’ll show you a dingy, decrepit town with limited ability.

Show me a bright, busy and energetic, library and I’ll show you a bright, busy and energetic town.”

“I’m a senior with no kids in the schools, I don’t even borrow books from the library but I want the best for young people and the best for all the citizens of the valley. This tax is such a small price to pay. I would be willing to pay twice or three times as much!”

“Without new facilities, the museum and library have a limited life span.”

“There’s no place for tourists to go after 6 pm in McBride. I’d love to be able to send them to an exciting place where they can have a good cup of coffee and enjoy quiet games or reading, lively conversation or entertainment.”

We have an opportunity to gain some traction as we continue to turn toward positive growth for McBride. Please vote yes.

Sheilagh Foster
McBride, BC