Karita and Augusto (1)aa

By: Korie Marshall

Karita Hunt and Augusto Pardo both have other jobs – as well as two young children. But they were hoping to come up with a way to work together (since they can’t often find time to get days off together) and to enjoy their love of the outdoors and digging in the earth. So they’ve opened a yard and landscape maintenance business in Valemount called Yard Expressions.

Hunt grew up in Dunster, and has spent a lot of time in both flowering and vegetables gardens in the community, as well as a few summers tree planting. She might not know all the names of the plants she sees locally yet, but she can tell you where they will likely grow best, and she knows a lot of other gardeners in the valley that are willing to share their knowledge.

Pardo says they don’t use chemicals in their work, and they offer maintenance of lawns, trees and shrubs as well as restoration projects, like one they just completed, reviving an old rock garden on 7th Avenue. The couple worked hard to get it done on time, trading off shifts with each other, juggling Pardo’s job with CN and Hunt’s work at the post office and day care. But they are dedicated to the effort and have been pleasantly surprised at the demand for their services already. They are not yet trained in design yet – though they are both interested in learning more over the coming winters – but would love to help you revive and maintain a low-maintenance, beautiful lawn and garden.