Land owners beware! There are certain CN employees who are trespassing on private land checking out hunting opportunities!
On September 6, 2020, around 1 pm, a CNR truck was observed turning around in my yard located at 3429 Museum Road. The truck was seen by an occupant in the house at the time. The truck was white, CN logo on the side with a canopy on the back. No attempt was made by the driver to check in at the house. The truck exited my yard, turned left and proceeded North East to the back portion of my hay field. It traveled about 2/3 km across the field to a back corner. This just happens to be where I have a hunting blind located. About an hour or so later, time not certain, the truck was observed again by the occupant of the house as it was coming back from that portion of the field. This specific area is over 1.5 km from the CN tracks. A bit far to say they were checking things out for the CN.
CN does not have authorization to trespass on my property. No attempt was made by the occupant/occupants of the vehicle to attempt to establish contact with anyone at the house as to ownership or the right to enter my land. It was obviously a hay field, consisting of 160 acres of cultivated land. It is obvious the road to the main yard is private. The truck did travel over to where a hunter’s blind is established and the occupant/occupants did spend approximately an hour or more in the area around the blind.
I do wish to have the occupant/occupants charged for trespass and I have filed a report with the local RCMP and they are investigating the matter.
To the CN employee who trespassed, be advised you were seen. To other CN employees who think they may want to trespass on my land. Stay off. You are not welcome and trespass charges will be placed.
Once the RCMP determines exactly who came on my ranch on the 6th, you will be charged with trespass. I suspect your employer, the CN will be displeased to find an employee, on company time, taking time out to case an area for hunting.
One last note. I am aware the vast majority of CN workers are excellent people and I am proud to call them friends and family. However, you have a bad apple in your group right now. This person is making all workers driving a white CN pick-up look bad. You really don’t need that.


Rodger Peterson
McBride, BC