I was extremely disappointed with the article last week regarding Robert Callaghan’s resignation.

When Mr. Green called me and asked for a comment I was very clear in telling him that I was very saddened by Robert’s resignation, that I would miss his knowledge and input and whoever replaces Robert has some pretty big shoes to fill, in my opinion.

Mr. Green asked me if I thought we would remain friends and I said “Absolutely.”

Mr. Green asked if I had any comment as to why Robert resigned and I said he was better off asking Robert.

Mr. Green pursued this, I assume, hoping to get some dirt and asked if I had any knowledge of political differences that led to his resignation. I assured him that I knew of none. I wanted to make it clear that when Mr. Green reported that I “declined to comment on the political differences that led to his resignation”, I feel he purposely misconstrued the wording. We have enough division in this community without the newspaper reporter trying to make that worse.

I respect Robert, I respect his decision and I wish him and his family nothing but the best.

Sharon Reichert,