I feel the need to tell the Board of Directors of MCFC that I find the manager’s attitude to the charges of logging an OGMA very irresponsible and cavalier. There is no guarantee that these charges or any future charges will be under 3000 ‘bucks.’ A continuance of these infractions and others of the past could have a bearing on the survival of MCFC.

We, the people of British Columbia, are responsible for our resources.

The MCFC does not own the forests. The government relies on good stewardship of the licensees and that is where the manager comes in.

We cannot stand those trees back up.

The loggers in every case I have read about seemed to be blamed. Who has the stewardship of the land they are allowed to log?

Maybe someone could respond to this question……why were the boundaries not flagged?

Ultimately, the responsibility falls on the licensee, McBride Community Forest, to ensure this is logged in a responsible and sustainable manner.

Diane Smith, McBride BC