By: Korie Marshall

A number of charges against John Robert Buehler were still on the docket for Valemount Court on Jan. 8th, stemming from two separate incidents. The first incident resulted in a stand-off with RCMP at Camp Creek in June 2014. More charges were laid in September 2014, including break and enter, obstructing use and enjoyment of property, unauthorized possession of a firearm, as well as failing to appear in court on the previous matter. Buehler was shot and killed in a shoot-out with the RCMP’s Emergency Response Team on Sept. 17th, on the west side of Kinbasket Reservoir where he was camped out in a local family’s trapping cabin with his daughter Shanna.

Only the application for return of seized items was dealt with in court. Shawn Buckley, lawyer for Buehler’s daughter Shanna, said she is expected to be the executor, but that is not finalized yet, and he has no idea how long that process might take.

Buckley said Shanna agreed to surrender the four dogs that are currently at the Prince George Equine Rescue Centre. The dogs will be put up for adoption (see story page 2).

Judge D Weatherly set it over for the May 14th court date in Valemount to deal with the seized firearms and other items.

Jan. 8th was also first appearance for Shanna Buehler on charges of break and enter, obstructing use and enjoyment of property and unauthorized possession of firearms. Shanna was not present in court. Crown counsel Geoff McDonald told Judge Weatherly there is an ongoing investigation by Major Crime as well as a separate investigation by the Independent Investigations Office into the incident regarding Shanna and her father. Because of that, he doesn’t expect to be able to make full disclosure of the case and evidence to the defendant until July.

Shanna’s lawyer Buckley said he has concerns with that timeline. “She has no record. She was shot three times by police and is very lucky to be alive. She is fearful of police and this process.” He noted July would be beyond Miranda guidelines for his client’s rights to disclosure.

McDonald said the information was sworn and charges went out on Sept. 17th, before the shooting incident. He says Shanna surrendered and was released on Oct. 9th, 2014. He says police have no say into the investigation by the Independent Investigations Office (IIO) or when it will release its report. The IIO is called after a police-involved incident involving a death or serious harm in order to determine whether or not an officer may have committed an offence.

Judge Weatherly adjourned Shanna’s case until May 14th for disclosure, whether or not the IIO has made their report.