By: Korie Marshall

Every store in downtown Valemount was open Friday night, and the streets were alive with shoppers.

Karita Hunt and Mandy McMinn kept bar at a very popular Three Ranges Brewing Company, where their First Anniversary Ale “7 in Dog Years” was served.

Lots of raffles and chili being served at the Community Church by Kimberley and Ashley, as a fundraiser to send a local health team to Zimbabwe.

A bit too good (and crunchy) to eat, dough decorations added a festive zing to membership benefits at Kinnickinnickers Family Centre.

Everyone really enjoyed the warmth of the campfire, on 5th Ave, put on by the Junior Rangers: “Setting fire to things safely, so that you don’t have to.”

Infinity’s window display beckoned with almost Dickensian charm, while Dduk Bae Kie next door did a brisk trade.

Young folks got a whole new look with face-painting at Kinnickinnickers, possibly before shaking down Santa at the Community Church on 5th Ave.

Lots of lovely items for sale in the Community Church. Riette Kenkel found a beautiful purse at Noreen Saul’s table!