Re: Curling club asks to share arena ice maker – Goat Nov. 19th, 2014

This is an interesting idea. This is an idea well worth pursueing. However, let me get this correct:

– Share the Regional District cooling plant…
– Use Columbia Basin Trust to upgrade lights…
– Fix the leaking metal roof also via a grant…
– 75 per cent exemption on property taxes…
– Privately owned building…
– I am remembering that the curling club was built on municipal property… Correct?

I think the consideration to share the ice cooling plant and paying via public referendum is stopping short of maximum potential here.

In my opinion: If tax dollars are going to be used to pay for building upgrades, operation and viability then I suggest:

1) Regional District acquire ownership
2) Connect to the arena (owned by the regional district)
3) Add expanded library (also operating using regional district tax money)
4) Add a central heat plant
5) Add a dance room complete with mirrors
6) Add an activities rook (meetings/gymnastics/social functions/martial arts courses)
7) Incorporate daycare facility
8) Create a centralized snack bar
9) Climbing wall, anyone?
10) ___ (add your idea to the potential use list)

This would be a project worth pursuing. A community hub. Imagine using the power from excess geo-thermal heat (which has been front and centre in recent discussions) for a heat source. Visit many communities in Saskatchewan to see prototypes. Closer to home, stop in Canmore, Alberta and peak at their community use facility.

However, pay for a private club’s operating expenses via a public tax levy? I am not so sure.

I believe that the final days of stand-alone municipal facility buildings and club buildings are looking on the horizon.

PS: In my mind the use of Regional District funds to support buildings and services located in Valemount begs that we look at the municipal election bylaw as suggested in the Goat editorial dated Nov. 13th, 2014. Taxpayers not living within the village but in the surrounding area should receive an election ballot for the village along with their Regional District tax bill.

Thinking out loud

Tim Nusse
Outside Valemount