Photos and caption by Beth Russell

Valemount Arts and Cultural Society recently hosted two amazing shows in a row: Black Umfolosi and High Valley. With both shows there was a great deal of audience involvement, and the groups were having so much fun themselves. Both were stellar performances, with lots of laughter, beautiful music, and amazing stage presence.

Black Umfolosi, from Zimbabwe, were wicked dancers, and thrilled an almost full house two weeks ago with their beautiful a Capella harmonies.

Their famous African Gumboot dance was a standout: developed in the mines, the thumping, clapping and slapping of their boots provided wonderful sounds, while an enthusiastic crowd waved back and forth, as they sang and enjoyed, giving the group two rousing standing ovations.
Audience involvement was crucial!

Keith and Renee from Winnipeg gave a spirited opening for High Valley, whose concert played for a packed house. The two lead singers gave an energetic, quality performance on Saturday night. The audience clapped, laughed , and had as much fun as the musicians on stage were having!

There is a world of difference between hearing the CD in your living room and then seeing that same group live!

Imagine that we had a group that lives in Africa – and boy, could they dance – while High Valley are natives of Nashville, and already country stars. Such opportunities to experience special cultural evenings, right here in the Robson Valley. Thank you Valemount Arts and Cultural Society.