By: Chris Parker

One of McBride’s summer ending events is the Annual Street Dance. Advertised as a “youth event”, it was amazing to see all generations represented amongst a significant crowd gathered in Steve Kolida Park. With the perfume of popcorn hanging in the air, children scrambled about in the adjacent playground while friends of all ages sat and enjoyed conversation on a warm summer evening. Nearby, Girl Guides (left) sold pop and other goodies along with the aforementioned popcorn. Several members of council were present to support this endeavour that was organized in part by Robson Valley Support Society. The last of four summer participatory activities organized by the Youth Commission featured the local band Five Sheets to the Wind who played a mixed set that appealed to all members of the crowd, many of whom got up and enjoyed a dance or two.

Five Sheets to the Wind: Sarah Bressette (keyboard/vocals), Elise Bressette (Guitar/vocals), Gabe Bressette (Bass/Guitar), Shane Bressette (Guitar/vocals), Lori Bressette (Percussion and Horn) and Sham Randall (on Drums) played to an attentive audience.