Laura Keil
Laura Keil, Publisher & Co-owner

In the past year the Rocky Mountain Goat team has been working hard to serve our readers. We are delivering more local news, columns and photos than ever before, going from 20 pages/week to 24 pages/week. We now have a full-time Editor focused solely on journalism. We are proud of what we have accomplished and we have many plans for the future.

But we have been hit hard with rising expenses. Our printing bill went up 23% in the fall. Under the new recycling legislation, we will have to pay for the recycling cost of our newsprint. Numerous other unexpected bills have been adding up. Something has to change for the Goat to continue.

We do not want to cut quality or quantity of content. To do that would be a short-term gain with long-term consequences. So what do we do?

We have decided to tackle the problem from multiple angles. One angle is to increase advertising. The other is to raise the price of the Goat by 25 cents, bringing the final cost to $1.75. We will still cost less than a cup of coffee. This way, the increase is spread over many people rather than just a few.

Why is it worth paying $1.75?

Timely and good quality local journalism help you find out what’s happening in your community so you can form opinions based on facts. The Rocky Mountain Goat is committed to quality and is locally-owned. As a locally-owned establishment, we are a part of the community and always will be. We know that our success relies on the success of others. The RMG provides local jobs and an outlet for budding columnists and contributors to showcase their work. We are 100% dyed in the wool Robson Valley. The money you spend at the Goat goes straight back into the community – not into the hands of outside owners.

While we plan to raise the single-copy price of the paper, we will not increase the price of subscriptions. That means it’s more affordable than ever to subscribe. The weekly cost of buying a paper subscription is just $1.26/week (includes tax). We can mail your subscription or drop it off if you’re on our distribution route. Online subscriptions are just 88 cents/week and you get your copy Tuesday afternoon – a day before everyone else.

As a newspaper, our mission is always to inform you of what’s happening in your community. Throughout the past four years, we have been your eyes and ears as we do our best to report the news that matters to you. In the coming year, we will once again be your witness to the daily happenings in and around our Valley.

Thank you for your ongoing support and encouragement. If you have any comments, suggestions, complaints or compliments please phone, email or write.

The newsstand price increase will take effect May 7th 2014.

Laura Keil, Co-owner/Publisher & RMG team
[email protected] 250-566-4606