By Korie Marshall

Reports of Telus internet and wireless outages on Sunday April 13 were likely due to a tree that fell on a cable near Salmon Arm.

Telus spokesperson Liz SauvÔ© says a large tree fell onto a Telus cable after dinnertime, disrupting wireless and internet service for some communities in the Salmon Arm area and into Northern BC. She says crews were on scene immediately and found the cut cable quickly. Once the tree was removed, SauvÔ© says they were able to quickly reroute some services through another path and restore service to a number of customers. However technicians worked through the night to repair the cable, and service was finally restored to all impacted customers at 4:00 am on Monday morning.

Suave says it was a major repair for Telus, and while some customers did still have service, some who were impacted may not have noticed because they weren’t on their computer or cell phone very late at night into the early hours of the morning.