By Korie Marshall

Students of Skate Canada’s Star Program have been working hard since Carnival, says coach Sharonrose Shalla, and many were excited to pass their evaluations on Saturday March 22 at the Canoe Valley Recreation Centre.

Skaters are taught through private and semi-private lessons, and are given opportunities to compete, as well as formal test days in front of Skate Canada’s evaluators in three disciplines: Freeskate, Skills and Dance.

In Freeskate, Katlyn Jensen and Melissa Brown passed the preliminary level, Jensen and Hanna Knelsen passed their bronze interpretive, and Knelson passed her silver interpretive.

In Skills, Makayla and Emily Kunka passed preliminary, and Ellie Dueling, Sydnie Pelletier, Keisha Byford, Katlyn Jensen and Melissa Brown all passed their junior bronze level.

In Dance preliminary level, Emily and Makayla Kunka and Kendra Muek all passed the Dutch Waltz, Canasta and Baby Blues dances, with Hailey Knelsen and Miah Fraser also passing Baby Blues. Junior bronze Dance saw Ellie Dueling and Hailey Knelsen pass Fiesta, Dueling, Sydnie Pelletier and Keisha Byford pass Swing, and Pelletier pass Willow. Katlyn Jensen, Hannah Knelsen and Melissa Brown all passed the Fourteen Step in senior bronze Dance.

Canskate Champions for 2013-14 were Jaydan Han and Hailey Plamondon, with Karli Lawless receiving Canskater of the Year award.

Outstanding Effort awards went to Brooklyn Lussier for Pre-school, Nyome Voth for Mainstream, Sarah Mikolash for Pre-star and Melissa Brown for Star. Miah Fraser got the award for Most Improved, and Taleigha Tinsley-Dawson received Most Dedicated.