Dear Editor,

With reference to your recent article “Rezoning Concrete Plant on Hold” you stated that there is only one concrete supplier in the area. I can inform you and your readers that there are two concrete suppliers. Last September I needed some concrete for a project at my home on Mountainview Road. I was advised by several people that my best option was to contact Mr. Myron Baer in Dunster. I was very impressed with the service that Mr. Baer provided. Not only was my project rather complex and so time consuming, the access also involved barrowing the concrete for 20 metres. Despite the concrete truck being on site for nearly 2 hours, I was not charged for any extra time. Not only that, but Mr. Baer helped with the barrowing. The concrete was of excellent quality and the constituents and characteristics clearly documented in a very professional manner. I trust you will wish to correct the disservice you do to an excellent local business run by a professional and obliging proprietor when you publish the incorrect information that there is only one concrete supplier in the area.

Dennis King
Mountainview Road,