By Korie Marshall

Certain Ford trucks with loaded sled trailers are targets for thieves working locally.

Sergeant Darren Woroshello of the Robson Valley RCMP says that 2002-2009 Ford pick-up trucks have been the subject of thefts in many jurisdictions, as they are easier to steal than other pickups.

But it doesn’t seem to be the trucks the thieves want. A report from the RCMP says on two separate nights, three Ford trucks with loaded sled trailers were stolen from a secure hotel parking lot in Valemount. On the first night, the thieves smashed through the security gate, and the trucks and trailers were later found abandoned, but the snowmobiles had been transferred to another trailer.

On the second night, the RCMP says the thief was deterred by an anti-theft device on one truck and was scared off by hotel staff, but returned later to steal another truck without an anti-theft device.

The thief was caught on video surveillance, and Sergeant Woroshello says the police believe all the thefts are related. Police are asking the public to remain vigilant and to call 911 if you see anything suspicious.