Spencer Hall, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, RMG

The Village of Valemount says to properly serve the community it requires a dedicated charger for its 2023 Ford Lightning F-150.

The electric vehicle was purchased by the Village last August. The $97,046.40 purchase was made possible through grant funding from Columbia Basin Trust’s Charge Up Program ($66,530) and BC’s Local Government Climate Action Program ($30,516.40).

While the Ford Lightning can be charged with a normal socket, Village CAO Anne Yanciw said it results in the vehicle’s battery only receiving a partial charge when left overnight.

“The Ford Lightning has an extended battery and the trickle charge that occurs through a 110 volt socket is not sufficient to fully charge it,” Yanciw said, “A partially charged battery does not provide service throughout the eight-hour workday.”

The installation of the dedicated charger will cost about $12,392. According to Valemount Director of Finance, Lori McNee, the cost of the charger will be covered by the Local Government Climate Action Program.

The 2023 Ford Lightning was the second electric vehicle purchased by the Village. In 2022, the Village purchased an electric low-speed vehicle for use by public works in and around town. The two-seater tops out at 40km/h and is not rated for highway driving. That vehicle was also fully covered by grants.