On Sunday, October 23rd, members of the Valemount Community came together for the 5th annual “Firewood for Seniors” program. 

Fourteen seniors were provided firewood to keep them warm this winter. Back in 2017 the RCMP began this initiative to assist seniors in the community with keeping warm over the winter  months. It has now grown to where we have several businesses participating, community members and service clubs joining in.

I would like to thank:

Mayor Owen Torgerson for quarter backing and handling the logistics for this event as well as bucking the logs.

Trans Mountain Spread 3/4A for the use of dump trucks and volunteers who bucked, split, loaded and delivered the firewood.

Valemount Community Forest for donating the logs for the firewood.

Cedar Valley Holdings for donating split wood to start off the day.

Mickelson Logging for allowing the wood to be processed on their work yard and the use of their wood splitter.

Morgan Bachrach and employees of Robson Valley Timber for bucking the logs and the use of his wood splitter.

Jack Hoy for helping split the wood and the use of his wood splitter.

Members of the Valemount RCMP for splitting and loading the firewood.

Canadian Junior Rangers and staff for loading and stacking the firewood at the senior’s residences.

Delivery drivers Brian Brown and Derek McClure.

Brian “new resident” from Whistler, sorry I cannot recall your last name.

And for the wonderful lunch provided by Sonja Gronen, Ross Ballard and Korie Marshall.

With the help from these organizations and volunteers this much needed service was once again a huge success. If I have overlooked someone I do apologize. Till next year,

Sgt Bob Dean 

Robson Valley Regional Detachment Commander

Valemount, BC