Regional Valley Regional Police Report: Oct. 13 – 20

In an effort to better keep the community informed the Robson Valley Regional RCMP will be providing weekly press releases to the local papers. The list is not inclusive of all calls of service the local RCMP detachments receive, but provides a cross section of what is happening in the Robson Valley.

Submitted by Kent Kryzanowski Robson Valley RCMP

On October 15, McBride RCMP attended to a residence on Dyke Road to check on the well-being of a tenant. Police discovered a firearm inside the residence and later determined that the tenant did not possess a valid firearm license. The firearm was turned over to police without incident and no criminal charges are pending against the tenant. The firearm will be destroyed.

On October 19, McBride RCMP received a report of a theft of gas from a residence on Jeck Road. Suspects came onto the rural property and cut the lock from a 300 gallon fuel tank and stole an unknown quantity of gas.

On October 20, in the late afternoon, McBride RCMP stopped a flat-deck truck on Highway 16, west of McBride, for excessive speeding. The vehicle was caught doing 164 km/h in a posted 100 km/h zone. On odor of liquor was detected on the female driver; however a breath test administered on a Roadside Screening Device resulted in a pass. The driver was charged for Excessive Speeding under the Motor Vehicle Act and the vehicle she was driving was impounded for seven days. RCMP gave the female driver a ride to a local motel.

On October 20, McBride RCMP was called to a local motel to assist EHS who responded to a possible suicidal female who consumed prescription pills mixed with alcohol. The female was cooperative with emergency personnel and was transported without incident to the McBride Hospital where she remained at the hospital for overnight observation.

On October 13, Valemount RCMP received a report of several ATV’s riding around in the Cranberry Lake Road area near Highway 5. These ATV’s were riding around at high speeds with complete disregard for the rules of the road. The ATV’s were subsequently found parked at a private residence at which time the suspected operators were warned for insurance violations under the Motor Vehicle Act rather than being issued a $598 violation ticket.

On October 14, a contractor with CN Rail reported a theft to the Valemount RCMP. While working in the area of the Tete Jaune Cache near the junction of Highway 5 and 16, suspects stole a Miller Pro welder valued at nearly $10000 along with 900 gallons of clear diesel fuel that was locked in a storage tank.

On October 18, in mid-afternoon, Valemount RCMP received a complaint from a motorist who saw an older, partially bald, male running around naked near the Mount Terry Fox Lookout along Highway 16, in Mount Robson Park. RCMP attended the scene however the male suspect managed to elude police. Several similar complaints have been reported to the RCMP and anyone with information as to the identity of this individual is asked to contact the Valemount Detachment.

On October 18, in the evening, Valemount RCMP responded to a complaint of a semi-truck driving erratically on Highway 5 near Cranberry Lake Road. Police managed to locate the vehicle thanks to the witnesses obtaining a license plate number and excellent description of the unit. The adult male driver was served a violation ticket for “Driving Without Due Care and Attention” under the Motor Vehicle Act which amounts to a penalty of $368 and six points against his license.

On October 19, during an evening patrol along Highway 5, Valemount RCMP stopped a pickup truck for speeding. The adult male driver displayed signs of alcohol impairment and was detained for impaired driving. The driver failed a roadside screening device after he provided breath samples to the police. The driver was subsequently suspended from driving for 90 days and his vehicle was impounded for 30 days at his own expense.