By Chris Parker

On Nov. 7th, around 11.20 p.m. McBride’s Volunteer Fire Department was called to a fire at the North Country Lodge restaurant.

Many were pulled out of bed on the chilly night. Fourteen of McBride’s volunteer firefighters responded to the blaze with three vehicles. The fire kept them busy all night until around 6 am. While they were able to keep the fire from spreading to the hotel, the restaurant was reduced to a pile of rubble. A corner of the nearby hotel building was also scorched.

McBride Fire Chief Dave Hruby reported that no one was hurt in the blaze, and he was satisfied with the excellent way his team handled the call. He said while further inspection would be needed to confirm the start point, it’s possible the fire may have started in the kitchen.

The Restaurant has been closed in recent weeks undergoing renovations, but the work was nearing completion and was expected to reopen over the next few days. Hotel and restaurant owner Gurdaval Sandhu is not sure of the timeline and what it might look like, but does expect to rebuild in some fashion. He indicated six staff members would be affected by this fire. The hotel, however, is still open.

In addition the Ambulance Department and RCMP attended.

Photos by Chris Parker and Jen Quam

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