By Laura Keil

When Monica Rohatynchuk moved to McBride a year ago, she saw an opportunity for more activities for her children.
Having been in Girl Guides her entire youth, she felt inspired to create a local club. She and another resident Amanda Moore put together a plan.

“I just remember all the opportunities I had: travelling to meet other Girl Guide units, different camps,” Rohatynchuk says.

She says Guides helps girls develop numerous skills like leadership skills, interacting with kids they wouldn’t otherwise spend time with, having outdoor experiences and developing self-esteem, among others.

“In today’s world, girls’ self-esteem is a big one,” Rohatynchuk says. She adds the outdoor focus is also a big one. “Maybe some families don’t go camping or have that outdoor focus. This offers that opportunity.”

According to the Girl Guide website, guiding offers girls 5 to 18 an opportunity to develop friendships while exploring the arts, sciences, cultural awareness. “Through fun activities and dynamic discussions, our goal is to increase girls’ awareness about the wider world, promote cross-cultural understanding and educate girls on global issues that will inspire them to take action.”

“Girls in Guiding participate in environmental projects and explore important issues such as bullying, self-esteem and body image. They develop the skills needed to speak out and take action on issues that are important to them.”

Rohatynchuk says the group will follow the regular Guide activities including camping, campfires with songs, outdoor activities – possibly even river boat tours.

Currently the Guide program is open to girls ages 9-14 for Guides and Pathfinders. There is a limit of 14 girls, and 10 have already registered. Rohatynchuk says they would like to expand to Sparks and Brownies (girls ages 5-8) but will need more volunteers.

They plan to fundraise the majority of their needed funds. They have received a starter loan from the Prince George Girl Guide Branch to get started, but they will have to repay those funds.

Rohatynchuk says they will be selling Girl Guide cookies at the McBride Craft Fair on Nov. 23rd.

You can register your girls online.

If you can spare an hour once a week to be a guiding leader to the younger girls in the community, contact Moore or Rohatynchuk.