Ted Pappas wants you to know what you already have.

That is, he wants you to know what it’s worth – and he wants to help you sell it or protect it.

Pappas, out of Clinton, BC, will be visited Valemount last weekend, appraising whatever residents brought him. He donated his appraising fee to the Valemount Museum.

Pappas has travelled throughout North America and Europe appraising all kinds of possessions: from shrunken heads to ancient Egyptian artifacts to fine pieces of solid gold pepperettes from the queen’s table. Vintage cars, cemetery plots, real estate”¦ you get the idea.

“The real excitement is the opportunity to uncover a treasure that’s lurking around the closets of Valemount,” he told the Goat.

Pappas has 40 years of experience in appraising. He started out at age 6 collecting stamps and coins, and was already buying and selling at auctions at age 12. For many years he was involved in auctions. Now he is launching his own buy-sell antique website called the Mumbling Muse.

He says once people know what something is worth, people often wonder where you go to sell it.

“There aren’t many venues. You’re basically at the mercy of a very few operators.”

He says they offer a very personal situation where they are constantly in touch with the owner as we negotiate sales with the Mumbling Muse.

When Pappas is not able to give an exact appraisal of a possession, he will refer to one of his contacts who is an expert in that field.

It’s not just important for selling, but also protecting. Pappas points out that many people are not insured for the value of their antiques and heirlooms. His appraisals are often used by people claiming insurance.

Valemount Museum Administrator Sue Marko says on both the 28th and the 29th Pappas was at the Lions Hall from 10am to roughly 2pm to appraise whatever was brought to him on a first-come, first-served basis. The Museum had coffee and tea as well as seating.

“Most people enjoy watching for a while as it truly is very interesting,” she says.