A new mobile vending business has opened in Valemount, but not before its owner pointed out some flaws in the business licensing system.

The Funky Goat Eatery was open for business on June 16 after David Grant received his business license. The Temporary Street Vendor Bylaw passed final reading on Tuesday June 11, allowing Grant’s business license to be issued. During public comment that night, Grant gave kudos to Braden Hutchins for doing such a diligent job.

Grant also noted however that the process over the last four months has been stressful on him, his family and current employer, and he’s had to make some tough decisions and take some gambles in the hopes of opening his business.

“I’ve lost over 2 months of revenue this summer which has put me close to bankruptcy.”

Grant purchased equipment before the village had a street vendor bylaw.

The temporary bylaw will allow a pilot project to occur this summer in Valemount.

The bylaw states vehicles and equipment must not be placed on village or private property. At the Council Meeting Deputy Corporate Officer Braden Hutchins said this is to limit the placement of the business to the sides of streets so that zoning would not be affected (which would have been a much longer process, he said). Hutchins added the four locations specified in the bylaw were chosen for safety reasons – they are areas where there is enough space to park the vehicle off the street and still allow space for the patrons and the tables, garbage cans, etc. to be off the road, but not on public or private property.

Bylaw 696 expires on September 30, 2013. A permanent bylaw would then be considered.

By: Korie Marshall