Starting June 1, 2013 tipping fees at the McBride and Valemount Regional Transfer Stations will increase (along with fees at the Foothills Boulevard and Mackenzie Regional Landfills). The May 2013 report from the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George states that the base rate of $57 per tonne of household garbage will increase to $62, and all other categories will be adjusted accordingly. The minimum charge for small loads of household garbage dropped off at the Foothills Boulevard Landfill is also increasing to $6. This minimum charge is one of the recommendations from the Regional Solid Waste Management Plan (approved in 2009), and is intended to increase waste diversion and promote recycling and composting.

Currently at the Valemount Regional Transfer Station, the Village is billed per trip made by the garbage truck, and residents of the region dropping off small loads of household garbage can do so at no charge. Valemount Mayor Andru McCracken said, “Costs will go up, but we are becoming more efficient with our service. Most of the increase in cost is due to long term landfill retirement expenses as required by federal law.”

You can find RDFFG’s May report and information on the district’s waste reduction strategies at

By: Korie Marshall