I like to think that I’m an organized person. Sometimes things just get cluttered up and messy and then I lose stability on everything. It’s not like I get everything messy on purpose, it’s just with so much going on, organizing everything doesn’t become my main focus. For example, my room at the moment is a war zone. There are books, CDs, movies, and shoes all over the place! It’s not that I want it to be this way. It just sort of happened. Most of the time, my disorganized room is based on the fact that I was previously trying to organize it. Fixing things until they are perfect can take a lot of work. It’s hard doing everything thing in one day. For us children, it can actually be very stressful. My mom used to get mad at me all the time for having a messy room! Not so much now, because I feel cluttered and confused if I don’t have my bedroom neat. Anyway, I may be this way now but before I would get in trouble for not being neat. I think the thing parents don’t understand is we actually know where everything is. The room may look a disaster or like World War 3 just happened, but, we have our own system. Sure maybe I had to reach under a pile of clothing to grab it, but I knew where it was. That was back when all I thought I needed was a stuffed animal and then I wouldn’t see my room all day until it was bed time. Now, a room is like a sanctuary. It’s a private place where you go to think and to cry and do to all the things you don’t feel like doing in front of people. It’s a place made strictly from your mind, it’s a place where you can sing your heart out, or if you’re like me, it’s a place you go to write and to be alone with your thoughts. It’s not like it used to be when going to my room was like a death sentence or like being in a prison cell. I think that’s why I knew where everything was. Everything was where it was when I left. Nothing changed. I didn’t care if people walked into my room, what was the big deal? Now it’s like, “Walk into my room and you die.” Things change, people grow up and we become more private and isolated. Our rooms become neater or messier. A room in a way is a reflection of a person’s mind. If your room is cluttered and all over the place, does that mean your mind is too? How do you expect your outsides to say organized if your insides aren’t? I guess some people are very good at hiding things.

By: Raquel Medina