McBride’s IGA will be closing its doors by Aug. 31st letting go of approx. 13 employees.

The employees and landlord were advised of the decision on April 23rd.

This store opened in 1975 and changed owners in 2003. IGA Store owner Jim Chuipka says they have decided to cease operations in conjunction with the end of the lease on the site.

The closure Aug. 31st will allow a month to clean up and empty the space as required by the lease before the actual end of the lease which is September 30th.

Chuipka says the store may actually close before then as inventories are reduced prior to closure. He says until then it is business as usual and the store will, as much as possible, continue to honor the IGA flyer advertised items.

Chuipka says he wishes to thank his staff for their loyalty and service, the customers who patronized the store and the community.

McBride and area will continue to have access to a grocery store at AG Foods, also on Main St in McBride.

By Laura Keil